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Commonly described as the energetic optimist. Beverly has been featured in multiple Podcasts and Real Estate Coaching Platforms.
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Meditation for Real Estate Agents: 4 Easy Ways to Reset & Thrive in 2022

Meditation balances stress and anxiety within your nervous system and awakens the part of your brain that wants peace and rest. Meditation is a shortcut to shift your thoughts and energy into something productive instead of destructive.
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NAEA Power Hour Q&A with Beverly Ruffner and John Kitchens
How to navigate the current markets
✅ Business and Leadership
✅ Marketing and Branding
✅ Hiring and Recruiting
✅ other issues or challenges you are facing
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Real Estate Coach TV with Bernice Ross

Fix Your CRM

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Real Estate Marketing Dude with Mike Cuevas

Don’t Script, Ask Questions and You’ll Convert – with Beverly Ruffner

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Real Estate Rockstars with Pat Hiban

324: Beverly Ruffner: Internet Lead Conversion: How to Manage Your Database

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Real Estate Uncensored with Matt Johnson & Greg McDaniel

Leads vs. Respondents & How to Successfully Nurture Your Database

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Level Up Podcast

How to Keep People in Your Dashboard & Serve in the Exploratory Phase

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Real Estate Uncensored with Matt Johnson & Greg McDaniel

Turn More Leads Into Clients: Scripts + Systems to Convert

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Agent Locator Live Dialing

Live Dialing with Beverly Ruffner inside the Agent Locator CRM Platform

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Short Attention Span with Joe Hafner

How the people you surround yourself with impact your life - for better or worse

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