Who I am:

I love learning! I love growing! With the need to challenge myself to a higher level. I entered into Real Estate in 2005 in a somewhat new area and not knowing many people. Which forced me to be more creative with growing my business.

At the time, being a stay at home mom with 2 young children, I needed the ability to work from home with a flexible schedule and generate my own business. I decided to adopt internet lead generation and was quickly forced to get over my fear of calling people.


As I met and worked with people from all walks of life. Converting internet leads became my lucrative source of business throughout the years. Learning what works and what doesn’t work. I studied companies and learned what drives people.

The platform I originally utilized, invited me to be a speaker at their 2011 conference. To discuss the follow up and lead conversion systems that were developed. Again forcing me out of my shell and putting me front and center into people’s lives, in which explaining the different systems and why they had worked.

Shortly after, I had incorporated a second new lead generator site into my own business. I had worked closely assisting them with organization and their systems. I was then hired to help train their clients to improve their user experience.

Since then, I have stepped out of the day-to-day client side of my real estate business and have become a single mom to two amazing children.

I, then decided to start my own company in assisting real estate companies. My services provide these businesses with increasing their conversions through database organization and proven systems. Figuring out what is going to work best for each company and finding out their specific needs to make them work more efficiently.

I have a genuine love of people and providing helpful solutions. Helping people grow is more than a job, it is my passion.

What Beverly can do for You!

ISA and agent trainer, systems consultant and business mentor, Beverly Ruffner is the founder of Balance Business Consulting.

By using her experience and knowledge of real estate programs, and her direct nature to help, she brings out the best in clients. She is committed to helping clients better their businesses with efficiency and practicality.

Beverly works with all-level corporate executives and entrepreneurs within organizations and corporations of all sizes across a range of real estate agencies. She helps companies with their leadership development by providing database training, team skill building workshops, management training, communication skills, and reviews of established practices.

Her step-by-step systems help attract business leaders at every level and connect their ideal clients with greater focus and ease, implementing their ideas with consistency and build the profitable business they really want.

Beverly has worked with multitudes of clients to improve their online presence by analyzing the behind-the-scenes data of the most successful practices.

She loves to help clients tap into professional and personal forms of growth and is a fanatic for wellness in all areas of life, whether it is a successful gym workout or a new joint venture, Beverly wants to help uncover ways to succeed.

Beverly’s positive energy helps to make choices from a place of optimism instead of fear which has had a powerful impact on both relationships and career.

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